Saturday, June 15, 2013

Entries for the fair

I love this girl's room by designer Robyn Karp, so much so that I want to make a miniature diorama of this room for a fair entry. I have been working on it, but it is slow going since I've never done miniatures like this before. I have the headboard done after several failed attempts!

The bedskirt is not exactly right yet, so have more to do on it, I think the mattress is done.

This little thrift store doll Lissy thinks I'm making this room for her, so she is keenly watching my progress. I'm not going to tell her I'm really making it for an entry in the fair. This photo of the bed is just to show how it will "sort of" look, it is not finished at all! Stay tuned, I will post more photos as I progress.