Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things I've been working on

Made a tiny crochet teddy bear 
Made two doll size miniature afghans, one on the right is a ripple pattern, (that is a Barbie doll sofa they are on)
Made these felt Christmas fawn ornaments  for family, friends, and co workers (also made the felt dog for myself). I got the inspirations for these online, (
Made this little crochet Christmas mouse from pattern by Sharon Ojala, 
This is a project I entered in the fair last fall and won first place. The theme was "My Favorite Fair Scene" and I chose exhibits. I did this in miniature, I made everyting except the scrapbook pictures of pumpkins and sun flowers, I even made the baskets. The height of the side of the frame is about 14 inches. So even though I haven't posted often I have been creating!