Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here's a work in progress....It's from a Japanese pattern 1.2 Mini Muffler by Keiko Okamoto from magazine Crochet Motif (I think Ondori) It is supposed to be a scarf but I may make it a pillow top. Kinda nice to work with some more spring like colors for a change.

Here's picture from the magazine, I think it's OK to post it since I am not posting the pattern. I figured out how to crochet the flower pretty well from the chart, but not how to join them!


Pamela said...

Love the colors you've chosen. I find Paton's Grace to be very pleasant to work with, it's very smooth and easy on the hands and the yarn doesn't split like some.

Happy Dog Excursions! said...

I fell in love with this pattern but would love to know how you ordered the pattern book???
I've been searching trying to find a similar flower pattern, but nothing that looks as beautiful as these.
While I know it's in Japanese, you mentioned there was a chart.
Thanks in advance for any help in pointing me in the right direction to finding this pattern!

Barb said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. This pattern is from magazine Ondori Crochet Motif 2006. I left more info on your blog Happy Dog Excursions.

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