Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mom growing up

Here's Mom a little older...I think 15 years old. Mom's on the right and that was her good friend Kitty. Mom had moved to Washington DC to live with her Aunt and two cousins during the war years. She helped baby sit the two young cousins while her Aunt worked. Now I don't usually write a lot on my blog, but I will tell this story. I love to hear Mom tell her stories of her early life and I remember a lot of details. Mom kept in contact with her friend Kitty, even after they moved from Washington and each got married and had children they wrote a few letters back and forth. Then Mom lost contact with Kitty and she didn't know what happened to her. Fast forward to the end of 2005. I may have mentioned that I love to do genealogy research and I visit a lot of websites and library websites for research. I was reading a research library's guestbook one day and noticed a lady had left a comment praising the library genealogy department and that she had found info on a relative, and she gave the lady's name. I recognized the name as Kitty's mother. I couldn't believe it, and she gave her email address. I contacted her and she was Kitty's daughter! I was sad to find out Kitty had passed away in her early 40's and I really hated to tell Mom. But, Mom was able to talk to Kitty's daughter on the phone and tell her lots of things from those years in Washington DC and we exchanged pictures by email. She was thrilled to hear Mom's stories about her mother because she was just a teen when her mother passed away. Now, the odds of me reading that particular library's guestbook, and remembering that name from my Mom's past...well, it was all pretty amazing.

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