Monday, September 7, 2009

Crochet purse

I've been busy crocheting a new project and spending way too much time reading other blogs and on Ravelry, so I haven't posted very much lately. But I do want to share this crochet bag project. This is my 3rd attempt and I think I finally got the hang of it. I had never done a foundation single crochet stitch and I had never done seamless crochet like this. This is a free pattern called Starling Handbag on Alice's blog I'm using Bernat Satin color Denim Mist Heather and an H-8 hook. The fabric I chose for the lining is in the second picture. Alice has great tutorials on her site and shows how to make the lining for the bag also. Here's her picture of two sizes of the bag.

This next picture is also a cute crochet bag I would like to make but she didn't have a pattern...I just thought is was so pretty. I can't remember whose blog had this one.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend...

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Ana Luisa said...

the bag looks lovely! I'll have to look into that pattern, it seems simple enough (she says...)
the second purse looks simple enough: 2 squares, or motifs, joined together and then lined. ??
take care..