Friday, January 8, 2010

Crochet scarf

I see everyone wearing scarfs so I made a couple for myself. I got both patterns free on ravelry. The first one is Easy Lacy Shells Scarf by Sandy Marshall. I used TLC Cotton Plus Multi in color Thistle. The second scarf pattern is Ziggy Lace Scarf by Paula Fisher and I used Carons Simply Soft Shadows in color Autumn. I modified the second scarf pattern because I didn't want it as wide as the pattern. So I only chained 19 and did one less of the repeats on each row. I like fringes so I added fringe on both. If you haven't joined ravelry I highly recommend it. I wish I could figure out how to link to my ravelry page from here..LOL! Anyway, there are lots of free patterns for crochet and knit there. Hope everyone is keeping is so cold here in NC!

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Ana Luisa said...

lovely scarves! Keep warm; I hear the weather has been quite extreme for the USA this year.
We've had a full week of cold weather here, and raining, to boot, which is odd for us.