Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Avon calling

Mom sold Avon for a short while when we were kids, so maybe that is why I love the old Avon bottles. I collect some of the older ones and thought I would show some of my collection from time to time. Not only do they bring back memories, I think the designs are so creative and pretty. One of my favorites is Here's My Heart. The second picture is from a 1966 Avon catalog I have. The prices sure are interesting! Avon called powder "Beauty Dust." I still don't have all the pieces shown in the catalog for Here's My Heart, but I find things at yard sales and thrift stores sometimes. Wouldn't it be fun to order from that catalog?



Yes...I have 4 small round avon cream sachet jars if you are interested. 4.00 each and you pay shipping costs, which I can figure out if you are interested.
I see you pretty blue Avon collection!
Deb :)

just email me if you are interested

Barb said...

Thanks for the offer, I think I already have those, I have quite a few of the cream sachets!

Pamela said...

Hi Barb, my mom sold Avon when I was little too. I sell it now and I think my mom selling it is part of the reason I love it so. Your collection is very pretty and in good condition.

I also collect the old bottles. I collect the figurines of people and animals and anything Sweet Honesty. Sometimes I find things at flea markets but most of my collection came from eBay.

I have pictures of some of my collection on my blog as well.

And I have to admit that I envy you that powder box.