Monday, January 19, 2009

Old photo

My mom's family took lots of photos and I love looking at them. I want to share this one of my mom as a baby in 1924. Her mother, my Grandma Briggs, is holding her. Grandma Briggs could crochet really well. I guess that is where I get my interest in crochet. Today, Tom, my DH, took me to therapy (which means I went to craft stores A C Moore and Michaels.) I bought some yarn, even though I don't need it. LOL! But I had to use those darn coupons they keep putting the way...did you know you can use their coupons on magazines? I do that , especially when there is a 50% off coupon.

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TattingChic said...

I had no idea you could use Michael's coupons on magazines! Thanks for the tip! That photo of your mom as a baby is adorable! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog giveaway post. Good luck to you, LOL! :)