Friday, June 19, 2009

Yard sales

We went to a couple of yard sales this morning. I bought this wire dress form for 50 cents. It's 15 inches tall. I (hubby helped) took off most of the wire around it and added a few touches of my own. I think it turned out cute. But I was really tickled to get the old crochet magazines and books. I had never seen Crochet Magic magazine. Isn't that doily pattern pretty? The magazines are from the '80s and 90's. The two oldest books were from 1947 and 1943. I got the magazines and books for a dollar each. She had LOTS more but I was able to contain myself.


Ana Luisa said...

I love those crochet magazines! I have a collection of those, but in spanish. They were/are called "Ganchillo Artístico".
have a great time with them!

Pamela said...

I pleased for you, I love finding crochet magazines at garage sales and thrit stores.

The dress forms is really cute, you did a good job.

TattingChic said...

What great finds! I love vintage pattern books! That dress form is so cute. Is it in a doll house? You say that it's only 15 inches tall and it's next to some bookshelves, so those must be some tiny bookshelves.

Barb said...

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and for the nice comments. The dress form is in front of a little cabinet with a glass door...I have some vintage Avon cream sachet bottles inside the cabinet.