Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Works in progress

Anybody else like me, have several projects going at one time. I start one and see another and can't wait to start it...sooo it takes me a while to finish things LOL! I wasn't sure I would like this doily at first, but I think the background under the doily in the magazine picture takes away from how pretty it is. I think the doily will look fine on a white background.
This is the page from the magazine Magic Crochet, June 1987, No. 48.
I'm still working on the crochet hanky trim, hope I have enough thread.

This is a crochet pillow top, I am using pink satin for the pillow instead of green like in the magazine. It's another pattern from Magic Crochet magazine, August 1987, No. 49.

Remember when I said I had never done charted crochet? I really like it now, even though I still have some things to learn.

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Ana Luisa said...

you're doing a great job, the doilies look lovely!